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As of March 2021 we will not be stocking any white cedar fencing. Please check with our sales reps for other choices in wood fencing.

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      Advantages of White Cedar

  • Its special oils make it resistant to rot and insects, even in harsh outdoor conditions of moisture and low temperatures.
  • It is considered one of the most decay resistant trees in North America.
  • Its natural resistance to decay makes it highly desirable in environmentally sensitive areas such as waterfronts where the chemicals in pressure treated lumber would cause concern.
  • It dries relatively quickly, compared to many other woods. Generally air-drying is sufficient, whereas many woods such as maple, oak and cherry must be kiln dried. In addition, as cedar dries, it is very stable, and resists warping and shrinking better than most species.
  • It cuts easily, with minimal cracking and splitting.
  • It is very easy to work with, since it cuts so easily. You can use screws or nails directly in the wood, rather than drilling an initial hole as you need to with harder woods such as oak.
  • It is an attractive wood, with great variations in grain, patterns and knots.
  • Its neutral color takes stains or paint easily.
  • White cedar costs less than red cedar.